Volunteering is a great way to further a cause, support an organization, and make a difference in your community. It can also be an opportunity to meet new people and learn new skills. If you’d like to give something besides money, consider lending your time and talents to the Marin Women’s Commission. It is an opportunity to serve women and girls in your community.

When thinking about becoming a volunteer, take the time to consider:

1. Consider why you want to volunteer.
Do you want to help the world or your community? Do you want to build your own skills, make new friends, and learn? Do you love what you do? Do you want to share your gifts with others or give something back? Examining these sorts of questions can help you to choose the right direction for your volunteer work.

2. Choose an organization that is meaningful to you.
If you feel strongly about literacy, for instance, volunteer at your local library or find out if there is an organization of volunteer tutors in your area. There are organizations doing all sorts of work, and it is especially important with volunteer work that you choose something that you value. Organizations exist for all sorts of purposes, so if dishing up food at a soup kitchen doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, consider ushering at your local theater, building homes, or volunteering at a hospital or animal shelter.

The Marin Women’s Commission has several volunteer opportunities, such as organizing events, coordinating other volunteers or assisting with data research.

3. Volunteering can build your skills.
Seek out projects that suit your skills and interests. Of course, you can develop new skills and learn many things by volunteering, but your volunteer work can still be compatible with your interests. If you’re an outgoing “people person”, you might not have much fun in the back office stuffing envelopes or filing papers. Others, by contrast, might find it uncomfortable to solicit funds door-to-door. Do you love to work with people? With animals? With children? With numbers? Are you handy? Do you love to speak or to write? Organizations need all sorts of skills. If you’re not sure what sort of work you like or dislike, a volunteer organization may be a great opportunity to dabble a bit and try different things.

4. Start small.
If you already have a busy schedule, volunteer your time for an hour or two per week or perhaps one day per month. You might be surprised how much you can accomplish in even a little bit of time. Then, if you find you enjoy the work and have more time to pursue it, gradually take on more.


The Marin Women’s Commission would be happy to hear from you. Filling out an application will let us know of your interests and skill sets. For volunteer information and application, please contact Christine Shaw, MWC Staff, at (415) 473-6189 or email: cshaw@marincounty.org