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Q: Can Marin Women’s Commission help me?

A: If you are a victim of domestic violence, dealing with a drug or alcohol issue, or seeking health care or legal assistance, you can find a listing of resources on our yellow card. MWC does not provide direct services.


Q: What is the main purpose of MWC?

A: As an advisory body to the Marin County Board of Supervisors, the Marin Women’s Commission seeks to promote equality, self-sufficiency and leadership for all Marin women and girls.


Q: Who serves on the MWC?

A. MWC consists of eleven members. Each Marin County Supervisor  appoints two members who reside in their supervisorial districts, one at large member is appointed by the entire Marin County Board of Supervisors. Members can serve for two 3-year terms.


Q: What does MWC do?

A: The Commission promotes women’s equality, self-sufficiency and leadership through education, advocacy and collaboration. Events sponsored by the Commission include the annual Marin Teen Girl Conference, the Women & Money Conference, County Career Day and the Women‘s Hall of Fame Awards. We advise the Marin Board of Supervisors on issues that impact women and girls. Our advocacy is informed by in depth analysis and research into selected issues (e.g., minimum wage and human trafficking) and by our close association with the California commissions on the Status of Women and Girls and other advocacy groups. Finally, we help promote and partner with other County, regional and national organizations.


Q: How can I become involved with the Commission?

A: There are lots of ways to get involved with MWC:


Q: Are your meetings public?

A: Yes. All MWC meetings are open to the public and subject to the requirements of the Brown Act.  Meeting agendas are posted three days prior to the meeting. You can find meeting agendas and minutes on our blog.


Q: How does the Marin Women’s Commission work with other regional commissions related to women?

A: Marin Women’s Commission is represented on both the Association for California Commissions for Women and the National Association of Commissions for Women. This provides opportunities for knowledge sharing, collaboration and joint advocacy.


Q: How does Marin Women’s Commission work with other women’s organizations?

A: We seek to partner with, help promote and bring together other women-serving organizations, particularly those based in Marin. You can find a listing of our partner organizations here.


Q: What is the Marin Women’s Commission Budget?

A: The Marin Women’s Commission receives an annual budget from the County of $13,500. This amount defrays costs associated with hosting events and attending regional commission meetings. Additional income generated through Commission event sponsorships and ticket sales are deposited in the County-maintained Women’s Fund and used in a manner consistent with the mission and purpose of MWC.