Economic Empowerment for Older Women 2016-09-15T09:30:58+00:00

The Marin Women’s Commission has identified the Economic Empowerment of Older Women as an urgent priority.

Headlines pronounce Marin County as among America’s riches counties.  But the stark reality?  Many in Marin struggle to make ends meet, particularly older adults. Marin has  the oldest population in the Bay Area,  and more than 9,000 older adults here  fall within the gap between the Federal Poverty Level—about $11,000—and the Marin Elder Economic Security Index, the true amount of income needed to afford basic expenses , about  $29,000 in 2011.  Many more  hover close to  this gap.

Women are at particular risk for economic insecurity.  Their caregiving years may limit their earning power. Their change in marital status (divorce, widowhood) may erode their financial resources, and, in some cases, traditional divisions of labor in the home may compromise their financial literacy.  Many are house rich/cash poor and unaware of strategies to capitalize on their most vital asset.

Watch this video from Justice in Aging:

MWC wants to empower Marin’s older adult women to take actions to improve their economic security. 

To maximize our impact, MWC initiated a partnership with the Commission on Aging,  the Department of Aging and Adult Services, and several community organizations.  As a result, Economic Security has now been formally included as the “fourth pillar” of the County’s Aging Action Initiative (AAI).

The AAI Economic Security work group is being co-chaired by a member of the Women’s Commission and a member of the Commission on Aging.

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MWC and the Economic Security work group are working to address issues around employment, housing and financial literacy.  And we are delivering  resources in new ways to impel Marin’s older women and men to act.  

We have organized a series of free workshops in Marin October through December 2016.